Make it a habit !

When you’ve found what you’re looking for, why not stick with it?

The MAI DAY SPA 60 Minute 10-Treat Ticket gives you 10 appointments at a full 15% discount.

10-Treat Tickets come in two flavours - Essentials ($750) and Occasions ($840).

  • Essentials Treats are great when you've settled on one or more of our four Essentials options
    and you know that works for you.

  • Occasions Treats give you wider choice, anything from our Essentials and Occasions range,
    and there's a bonus - you can also use your Occasions minutes for Face The World facial treatments!

10-Treat Tickets offer 600 minutes of flexible treatment time. So you're not tied to appointments of a particular length -
45 minutes one week, 90 minutes the next - whatever works for you. And to get sublime sessions at our best price, there's no need to come as a couple (though you're welcome to do that) or respond to same-day discount offers.

Your minutes are transferable - shout or share with your friends and family if you wish, and let us know -
it's a great way to deal with birthdays and thank-yous!

You can buy a 10-Treat Ticket online with your next booking, or direct from us at your next appointment. You'll get an invoice record and we'll track your use, with an emailed summary of minutes used and remaining time.

If you've already booked your next appointment, you can use your first Treat against it - or book and buy your 10-Treat Ticket online and book your first Treat at the same time.

What better way to treat yourself and those around you?