From the Ground Up.

All our treatments begin with a complimentary foot soak and scrub, using our fragrant Almond and Jojoba lotion.
And where there's oil, it's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Only the best ingredients, thanks.*


We’re fully set up for couples with custom pairs of regular and low Thai tables. So bring a partner, or phone a friend.**


Prepaid 10-Treat Tickets available for Essentials and Occasions - book and buy to save over 15%!
And you can share your 10-Treat Ticket with your friends! Details on our OFFERS page.


Escape from everydaY.

Introductory pricing

30 minutes $50

45 minutes $75

60 minutes $90

90 minutes $125

120 minutes $160

Essentials 60 min 10-Treat Ticket $750 - SAVE OVER 15%


Turn a treatment into something exceptional.

30 minutes $60

45 minutes $80

60 minutes $100

90 minutes $140

120 minutes $175

Occasions 60 min 10-Treat Ticket $840 - SAVE OVER 15%

Divine Intervention

Life, the universe and everything.

60 minutes / $110

90 minutes / $150

120 minutes / $190


Reveal what lies beneath.

Face The World

REHAB for your skin.

Occasions 60 min 10-Treat Ticket customers can redeem minutes against either option.

Our Skincare Range

We use and recommend a range of skincare products you can buy after your treatment, or order online.
We suggest you book in for a session where we'll guide you on a choice of product for your skin type.

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Notes From A Higher Place.

* Alternatively we can use an optional odourless, food-grade refined coconut oil base.
If you prefer that to our unique Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, please let us know.

** Couples offer applies to bookings during our regular hours and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

And a note on hygiene: sadly, not everyone in the spa and beauty industry employs rigorous hygiene practices.
At MAI DAY SPA we wash every towel, cloth, robe and any other item that has had skin contact thoroughly after each and every use.
Our foot basins are washed and disinfected each time with a strong antibacterial and antifungal agent to rule out any nasty surprises.
Our laundry bill is enormous, but it’s the least we can do to keep our clients happy and safe.